Effective Communication Skills With NLP Workshop by Tee Keng Chai, Casey
Date: 16 & 17 November 2020 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: Hotel Istana City Centre Kuala Lumpur
The purpose of this workshop is to impart the necessary NLP communication; influencing and interpersonal skills to the staff as well as any stakeholders who need to use them. Emphasis will be given to train the participants on the NLP methods and techniques in providing excellent communication and persuasive skills to increase effectiveness. They will also learn professional NLP methods to deal with difficult and challenging situation.

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

- Understand the importance of excellent NLP communication skills
- Master the NLP interpersonal skills
- Build trust and relationship
- Help to identify needs
- Apply effective persuasive  skills
- Solve challenging issues and  problems
- Giving effective feedback
- Build long term relationship and  loyalty
- Help the company achieve the prestigious image of a service oriented organisation 
- Master professional interpersonal skills
- Learn effective presentation skill
- Master the essential effective bonding skills

Program Content:

Module 1: What is NLP Communication Skills?
• Results Of Survey on Communication Skills   
• Create An Impactful First Impression 
• Positioning Of Pleasant Personality 
• Master The Power of Perception in Interpersonal Skills  
Module 2: Master The NLP Bonding Skills 
• Values come from the heart more than techniques 
• Values drive our attitudes and motives 
• Focus on Customers’ Expectations 
• People don’t care how much you know .The know how much you care
Module 3: Effective NLP Interpersonal Skills 
• Understand the feeling of others 
• Questioning Skills 
• Understanding Customers’ Emotional And Logical Needs  

Module 4: NLP Listening Skills & Handling Difficult Situation
• How To Do Total Listening
• How To Break Preoccupation
• Drifting Eyes Mean Drifting Mind
• Listening  Is The Highest Form Of Persuasion
Module 5: How To Overcome The Barriers To Effective Communication
• Understand the barriers
• How To Overcome the Barriers
• Satisfying Internal/External Customers’ Needs Or Wants
• Solving Customers’ Problems
Module 6: Improving Your EQ In NLP Communication Relationship
• The research by Harvard University on the co-relation between EQ
and Interpersonal Skills 
• Improving Your EQ
• The components of Effective EQ in Interpersonal Skills
Module 7: How to Build Strong Rapport & Bonding With Other 
• The Process Of Building Interpersonal Trust
• The Payoff for Strong Bonding
• Building Excellent Relation Skills In Your Life
• How To Be Good As A Credible and Likeable staff
Module 8: How To NLP in Building Relation
• Understanding The Cause Of Communication Problems
• Egos, Emotions And Attitudes
• How to talk to people and make them listen
• How To Listen Non Defensively  
Module 9: Master The Secrets of NLP Impactful Communicators
• Action Guides for Effective communicators
• How To Sell Your Ideas
• How to Convince Customers
• How To Agree On The Best Course of  Action  
Module 10: Using NLP Matching & Mirroring Skills to Influence Others  
• How To Match & Mirror
• How to use Words , Tone and Body Language to Influence
• How to use NLP Pacing and Leading Skills


This workshop will be delivered comprising training tools such as workshops, group discussions, video examples, mental exercises, role-play .
Who Must Attend:
All Executive Level Staffs
Investment Fees:
RM1,908.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,590.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 09 November 2020)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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