Online / Virtual Training:- Administrative & Office Management Skills Workshop by Sri Devi Panchacharam
Date: 4 & 5 February 2021 (Thursday & Friday)
Time: Session 1 (Thursday): 9:00am to 12:30pm Session 2 (Thursday): 2:00pm to 5:30pm Session 3 (Friday): 9:00am to 12:30pm Session 4 (Friday): 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Very often, executive secretaries, administrators & clerical personnel are not told- they have one of the most, if not the most important job in the company. They are being entrusted to hold fort, and single-handedly manage the day to day operations and tasks of the company’s top leadership. 

Most of their days incorporate tasks which are ad hoc; but this training will mould them to understand that there are many things in life that we are unable to control, or change, but the only thing we are able to manage, is our mind.  The reason an average executive secretaries / administrative personnel would get rattled at the slightest challenge in life is poor mental conditioning. The mind is like a car which needs to be well oiled and constantly serviced.  If we fill our minds with negativity, any amount of relaxation activities will not bear fruit. Hence, the crux of this training is to empower secretaries and administrators to realise that the rejuvenation happens from within. Clear thoughts leads to a focused mind, which operates at its optimum. 

This workshop serves as a tool for the participants to understand the importance of their jobs, learn the cardinal rules of dealing with people, telephone etiquette, time management and a variety of other skills which improve their on-the-job performance. As a result, companies can ensure that their service standards will always be uniformly upheld, whilst boasting a superior five-star clerical / administrative personnel.
At the end of the workshop, the participants will: 

• Appreciate the importance of their role in the organisation
• Implement effective phone and email etiquette
• Manage personal change to achieve greater standards of professionalism
• Assume responsibility for their choices, attitude and behavior to build a powerful image and personality
• Foster an efficient and productive working relationship with their peers
• Create positive and lasting first impression to visitors
• Value the basic concepts of time
• Categorise themselves either as a monochronic or polychromic
• Determine the best ways to rearrange their priority list based on the way they currently manage time and realise how they can do it better
• Exhibit professionalism and courteous at all times
• Understand the fundamental concepts of thoughts and its impact in our daily lives
• Take pride of their supremely important responsibility in the front-line
• Appreciate that thoughts can be converted to be positive and realistic
Program Content:
Module 1: The Traits of a Highly Successful Administrative & Clerical Personnel
• The Most Important Skill Needed by Majority of Employees Across Malaysia (according to
• The Ultimate Challenges Faced by People… Really?
• Cause vs Effect (The Ideal Way to Live Life)
• Activity: Which End of the Spectrum Are You?
• 4 Deadly Viruses That Attack Our Minds Hundreds of Times a Day
• Winning Mind-set is Like an Oxygen Mask
• 3 Rules of the Mind: The Ultimate Superpower
o The Law of Attraction
• Reprogramming Your Daily Thoughts for a Productive Life
• Individual Exercise: Reprogramming Thoughts
• The Presuppositions (Creates a Great Understanding on Looking at the Best in People)

Module 2: The Underdog of Communication: What is NOT Said
• The Mehrabian Communication Chart
• Body Language, Voice (Tone) or Words: Which is the most important?
• Articulation of Words
• Demonstration: It is Not Always About the Words
• Role Play: Feedback Scenarios at Workplace which Could Be Improved with Great Body Language
• Body Language for Managers & Leaders
• Individual / Group Activity: How Savvy are we with Reading Body Language?
• Sensory Acuity: Watching the Minor Cues which has a Major Impact in Understanding People
• Demonstration Session: Observing minor changes in people’s sensory acuity
• Activity: Practise Session for Sensory Acuity
• Eye Patterns
• Demonstration Session: Calibrating and Analysing Eye Patterns for People
• Activity: Practise Session for Eye Patterns

Module 3: Key Concepts for Successful Goal Setting
• Why New Year Resolutions Fail?
• Demonstration: Keep Your Eye on Your Goal
• Setting short, medium & long term goals
• Activity: Are your goals SMART? Let’s Test It!
• SMART Goals: Creating Practical & Achievable Goals
• Demonstration Session

Module 4: Professional Etiquette for Administrative Personnel

• The Definition of Etiquette & How it applies to you
• Golden Rule of Etiquette
• 2019’s New Rule of Etiquette
• Faux Pas: Do We Commit Them?
• Group Brainstorming Session: Faux Pas at the Workplace
• The Concept of Perception & Reality
• Secret to Winning Customers Over: A Smile when Needed Most
• Learning the Elements to a Sincere Smile
• Remembering & Using Names
• The Secret Touch: Building Rapport 

Interactive Online Training
Who Must Attend:
All Admin Staffs
Investment Fees:
RM1,272.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,060.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 29 January 2021)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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