Online Training:- Professional and Engaging Presentation Skills Workshop by Tee Keng Chai, Casey
Date: 26 & 27 December 2022 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Here’s the hard reality- if you want to be noticed, and climb the corporate ladder with confidence and finesse, top notch presentation skills are imperative. Even some veteran managers squirm uncomfortably at the term ‘presentation’ despite the years of experience and knowledge about the subject matter. A vast majority of people suffer from glossophobia- fear of public speaking. Hence, this workshop is designed very thoroughly to  get the participants to understand fundamental presentation concepts and to master the right skills needed to reduce the level of nervousness which plagues them every time they are about to speak publicly.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to:

• Discover the characteristics of an exceptional speaker
• Develop attractive visual aids and prepare for an effective presentation session
• Apply the concept of the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE)
• Create ‘hooks’ which would entice their audience
• Engage their audience in a multi-faceted delivery formats via various presentation tools to create lasting impacts
• Use cue cards effectively
• Understand the effects of ‘glossophobia’ (fear of public speaking) and manage their nervousness successfully
• Create a positive and lasting first impression
• Avoid negative gestures by understanding and adorning great body language
• Apply presentation tips that can assist a new or seasoned speaker in delivering captivating and effective presentations
• Manage a Q & A session in a concise and confident manner

Program Content:

Module 1: What Great Looks Like
• The History of Public Speaking
• The Great Speakers in the Past & Present
• The Attributes of a Fantastic Public Speaker

Module 2: The Different Presentation Styles
• Common Mistakes Made by Presenters
• The Different Presentation Styles
• Understanding Your Presentation Style

Module 3:  Planning & Preparing for a Top-Notch Presentation
• Comparison between Great & Mediocre PowerPoint slides
• Identifying the Purpose of the Presentation
• Preparing a Mind Dump
• The Three Most Important Points to Consider when Preparing the Content
• Creating the ‘Hooks’
• Organising the Content

Module 4: Design & Presentation Tools
• The Importance of Visual Aids
• The Fundamental Problem With Presentation Slides
• The Human Information Retention Process during a Presentation
• Avoiding Death-By-PowerPoint

Module 5: How to Make Your Presentation Stand Out!
• Eliminating Clutter in Your Slides
• Picture Superiority Effect
• The Concept of Dressing Up Numbers
• Other Presentation Tools: Video, Flipcharts, Whiteboards & Handouts

Module 6: Dealing with Your Nervousness
• Glossophobia
• Why Do We Get Nervous?
• Understanding Your Nervousness Quotient
• Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?
• The Spotlight Complex
• Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Module 7: The Presenter’s Body Language
• Mastering the Perfect Body Language
• Creating a Superior & Lasting First Impression
• Starting & Ending Your Presentation with Style
• Preparing & Using Cue Cards

Module 8: On the Big Day- Presentation Management
• Murphy’s Law in Presentations
•  Handling Q & A Sessions Effectively
• Dealing with the Tough Questions
• Other Important Presentation Skills Tips

• Lecturettes
• Open Talk Session / Presentation
• Videos

Who Must Attend:
Executive Level Employees
Investment Fees:
RM1,590.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,400.01 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 22 December 2022)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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