(3 Days) The Psychology of Selling Workshop by Tee Keng Chai, Casey
Date: 13 to 15 June 2023 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: The Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel (Near Asia Jaya LRT Station)
Many companies have fantastic products, a great team of people, and provide excellent customer service – and yet competitors seem to always have the upper hand. Sounds familiar? 

The fact is this: Everyone in your business, who has anything to do with your customers, needs to know how to sell. If they don't have the right marketing & selling skills, you’re throwing cash out of the window. 

What’s the point in spending another penny on brochures, advertising and websites if your team doesn’t know how to get people to buy? 

If you want to stop losing sales to competition then you've got to sharpen your professional selling skills, and make sure your people demonstrate positive selling skills behaviors – all the time. 

It’s one thing to provide knowledge and enhance selling skills levels – but without the right attitudes and beliefs supporting these, it’s unlikely that results will last. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Make the transition from a product to marketing & sales consultant culture 
Improve customer profiling process 
Create and leverage customer relationships 
Dramatically improve need identification and solution development 
Increase the effectiveness of customer management techniques 
Increase understanding of the customer’s behavior in the sales process 
Develop Psychology sales process  
Improve personal motivation and help salespeople to recognize opportunities 
Provide cutting-edge sales consultant skills to improve closing ratio 
Gain a better understanding of how much control we have over our results 
To improve our sales performance
Identify and sharpen the criteria of professionalism of sales person
Hone existing skills and develop new skills
Build long-term and profitable relationship with the customer
Develop trust and understanding with the customer
Differentiate a salesperson from his or her competition
Cope with today's tougher and changing marketplace and develop yourself a professional
Simply, enjoy selling
Sales consultancy Skills
Handing tough customers
Realize why effective communication is vital to success as a sales manger/person
Be aware of current corporate selling approached and strategies
Discover and understand own thinking preferences as a sales manager/person
Helping sales people strategize their sales efforts - Roadmap to lead each sales person's sales efforts to successful completion closing sales
Preparing problem solving consultative selling approaches

Program Content:
Module 1: The Truth about Success In Marketing & Selling
Being Strong vs. Being Consistently Chosen: Why people buy from you 
The truth about trust: How to make sure your customers trust you
How to communicate customer care 
How to build relationships that lead to a sale 
How to leverage those relationships into closed deals 
Positioning techniques of the top 3 percent: It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you 
Effectively explaining the value of your service: How action and adaptability create opportunity 
Your role: Helping people get what they need 
Developing advocates: How to build long-term relationships in the community 
Keeping your customers/prospects connected so they don’t shop around 
Belief systems create our experience: Igniting yourself motivators 

Module 2: Master the art of Psychology of Selling
What is Psychology of Selling
The components of Psychology of Selling
Consultative methods and strategy 

Module 3: Understanding current corporate selling approach.
The 21st Century selling approach 
The current customer behaviors  
How to create a winning strategy

Module 4: Building long term profitable relationship.
Building Win-Win relationship
Build long term commitment
Apply reciprocal sales 

Module 5: Relating Skills 
Master the 4 skills to build trust 
How to deal with Indecisive stallers 
How to deal with Complainers 
How to deal with customers who want everything 
How to give and gain clarity in difficult situations  
Module 6: Discovering Skills
Learn to use Fact-finding and Feeling –finding questions 
Goal setting and time control: How to control your time and efforts 
The fine art of follow-up: Creating and using a repeatable process 
How to develop an easy-to-maintain prospect-to-customer process
Day-to-day customer management: Asking the right questions: Mastering the magic of POQ and FOQ in communication 

Module 7: Advocating Skills 
Relationship Selling 
Getting customers to become your ambassadors

Module 8: Supporting Skills
Asking the right questions: Mastering the magic of POQ and FOQ in tele-communication 
Dealing with people who are slow to make decisions 
Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your competition 
Diplomatically planting seeds of doubt concerning competitor services 
How to lead them down the path of a sale 
Handling objections 
Overcoming price objections 
Asking for the business: The method of gaining agreement 
What to do when you can’t get the deal: Secret of the top 3 percent 


An interactive approach which incorporates the following:

Group discussion
Self-assessment exercises
Group presentation
Activities in relation to topics discussed

Who Must Attend:
All Sales & Marketing Professionals
Investment Fees:
RM2,800.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM2,500.00 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 05 June 2023)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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