Management & Leadership Skills for Supervisors & Managers by Tee Keng Chai, Casey
Date: 11 & 12 September 2023 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
This intensive two-day workshop is a highly interactive workshop designed for new supervisors who want to grow their management skills fast - and get on the fast track to achieving leadership success. Comprehensive leadership training will cover the proven management techniques and powerful strategies you need to become a stronger, more confident and respected leader.

You'll learn how to handle dozens of key management challenges with ease, including how to establish credibility and authority fast, how to motivate employees to give 110 percent, how to handle attitude problems and rule-breakers, how to curb absenteeism and tardiness, how to give constructive feedback and how to conduct effective performance appraisals.

As a workshop bonus, you'll receive self-assessment tools, handy checklists, the Leadership Style Analysis and numerous other resources that give you insight into how to build on your supervisory strengths.

Why risk your career by stumbling along, learning management skills by trial and error when you can get up to speed fast on essential management techniques and strategies? The management skills and knowledge you need to succeed are only a 2-day workshop away!

1. Deliver constructive feedback in a way that produces positive change, not resentment or anger
2. Motivate your people to perform "above and beyond" without spending an extra dime 3. Gain proven strategies for curbing absenteeism and tardiness
4. Turn chronic complainers into satisfied, productive employees
5. Build on your unique strengths to develop a confident, professional leadership style
6. Supervise friends and former co-workers without hassles or stress
7. Save hours every week by avoiding classic time-wasters that wreck a supervisor's schedule
8. Give crystal clear instructions that employees will understand - the first time
9. Handle employee confrontations in a calm and professional manner
10. Maintain respect and compliance for rules while still being friendly with staff
11. Establish your credibility quickly and earn the respect of those up and down the ladder
12. Conduct effective performance appraisals that result in improved employee performance
13. Win employees and bosses! - over to your way of thinking
14. Weed out shirkers during job interviews using proven techniques
15. Understand why good employees quit  and what you can do to help significantly reduce turnover
16. Implement needed changes in a way that employees will embrace
17. Combat a variety of attitude problems without breaking a sweat
18. Speak up powerfully and confidently in meetings
19. Use active listening techniques to really hear what employees are trying to tell you
20. Increase your visibility within your organization so your "promo ability" is recognized
Program Content:

Module 1: Leadership Fundamentals and Issues All New Managers Face 
- Crucial differences between being the leader and "being the boss" 
- The challenges facing leadership today 
- How to acquire a supervisor's mindset and image 
- The emotional requirements of being a supervisor: Have you got what it takes 
- Can you be friendly with your staff and still maintain respect and compliance 
- Tips for avoiding the problems that come from supervising friends and former coworkers
- Most common mistakes new supervisors make and how to avoid them

Module 2: Developing Your Personal Leadership Strengths 
- How to build on the leadership strengths you've identified and shore up your weaknesses 
- Why your "people skills" will be the No. 1 driver of your success as a leader 
- Understanding how your leadership style can work for or against your employees 
- Adopting the "success habits" that effective leaders swear by 
- "How-to's" for establishing your credibility as a leader- fast! 
- The classic principles of influence ... and how and when to use them to your advantage 
- What are the keys to results? Focusing your efforts on that which makes the greatest impact

Module 3: Building a Highly Motivated, High-Performance Team 
- Recognizing the crucial role you play in driving your team's effectiveness 
- Keys to making every team member feel valued and important 
- Building relationships that enhance cooperation among team members 
- How to ignite enthusiasm and gain buy-in for accomplishing goals 
- Understanding the basic things that motivate today's workers: You may be surprised 
- Creative ideas for keeping your team motivated even if you don't have an extra dime in the budget 
- Proven morale-boosters for employees nearing burnout

Module 4: The Mechanics of the Manager's Job 
- Proven tips for recruiting top-notch employees 
- Do's and don'ts for effective interviewing 
- How to help new employees hit the ground running and succeed on the job 
- Techniques for addressing poor performance so that positive change results 
- Strategies for curbing absenteeism, tardiness and rule-breaking 
- When firing seems imminent: Key legal considerations you must understand

Module 5: Communication Techniques Every Manager Should Know 
- Why developing your communication skills is essential to management success 
- Your role in keeping lines of communication open at all times 
- Words and phrases that can destroy your credibility and authority , and what to say instead
- The secret to giving crystal clear directions that are understood the first time 
- Active listening techniques that ensure you'll hear what's really being said 
- Pointers for speaking more powerfully and confidently in meetings

Module 6: How to Turn Around Difficult Employees and Eliminate Problem Behaviors
- Tips for turning chronic complainers into satisfied employees 
- Tools for combating a variety of attitude problems 
- The best approach for dealing with argumentative and combative people 
- What's your role in settling disagreements between employees? 
- "How-to's" for a professional, productive employee confrontation 
- Proven techniques for appearing calm and in control when you're feeling anything but

Module 7: The Leader's Role in Making Change Happen 
- Understanding why people often instinctively resist change 
- Top reasons why organizational change often fails 
- Important considerations to address before introducing any change 
- The keys to overcoming employee resistance to change 
- How to project confidence that inspires your people during change or transition
- What you must do as a leader when your people flatly refuse to embrace critical changes

Module 8: Career Mapping: Preparing Yourself for the Next Level 
- Fine-tuning your skills: Why continuous learning is crucial to your ongoing success 
- What's most important to you? Incorporating core beliefs into your career path 
- Traits upper management looks for when deciding who to promote 
- Tips for "tooting your own horn" so your accomplishments are recognized

Interactive Online Training
Who Must Attend:
- New supervisors and managers 
- Team leaders 
- Those new to management within the past two years who have had no formal management training 
- Professionals who are about to be promoted to a management position
Investment Fees:
RM2,000.01 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,400.01 (Including 6.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 04 September 2023)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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