Multi-Tasking and Time Management Skills by Aslini Abdullah
Date: 7 & 8 August 2024 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Do you feel stressed about the number of tasks you need to get done and feel like you can never seem to get on top of things? Has it ever seemed like there aren’t enough hours in the day?

Do you feel that you are lost and don’t know where to go?
In this course we examine what effective time management really means and what each of us has to do to achieve it. We look at the importance of having a clear life vision in order to help us use our time wisely and the specific goals and objectives that will help us actualize this vision. 

Participants are introduced to a wide range of time management tools and techniques, they are given time to consider which ones are appropriate for their lifestyle and then practice them in a fun and supportive environment. In the final topic of this course participants, prepare their action plan for long term change and improve productivity.

This Multi-Tasking & Time Management training is designed to help participants develop their skills in time management to achieve more effective results in less time.

One of the most repeated phrases you will hear in offices up and down the country is "we don't have enough time" - to which the response is often "work harder!" - Leading to overtime, stress - and often a poorly done job! Developing techniques to make more intelligent use of time, and to prioritize and effectively manage a challenging workload can lead to a more productive workforce getting more important work done in less time and with less stress!

At the end of the training, the participants will: 
Identify your own particular time wasters and adopt strategies for reducing them.
Recognize the variety of causes of procrastination and apply relevant techniques to overcome these.
Clarify and priorities your objectives and goals, by creating more planning time.
Adopt appropriate strategies for dealing with interruptions and anything else which ‘steals’ your time.
Use practical techniques for organizing work.

Program Content:
Module 1 : Time Management Diagnostic clinic
-Consequences of ineffective time management
-Identify what runs your life
-Your time management style
-Time Management style quiz
-Describe what is working and what is not

Module 2 : Sharpen Your Focus   
-Clarify your personal and professional vision
-Sharpening your focus – goals and objectives

Module 3 : Planning for Performance
-Urgent or important?
-Covey’s time management matrix
-Time and your energy levels
-Breaking tasks down
-Planning – getting things scheduled
-Yearly planner
-Weekly planner
-Daily to do lists
-Weekly Review And Planning (WRAP)

Module 4 : Increase Your Productivity At Work 
-Master the power of delegation
-Strategies to “Do It Right The 1st Time”
-Executive your plan effectively

Module 5 : Improve Your Multi-Tasking
-How to multi-task
-Strategies to be effective in multi-tasking
-Plan your multi-tasking

Apart from lectures the following will be incorporated:
- Group discussion – Case Studies

Who Must Attend:
All Executive Level Employees
Investment Fees:
RM1,600.01 (Including 8.00% Service Tax) per participant (Standard Fee)
RM1,400.00 (Including 8.00% Service Tax) per participant (Early Bird Fee, register by 01 August 2024)

Group incentive: Register 3 participants from the same organization, the 4th participant is FREE. (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
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