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Job Ebenezer A/L Manikkam's Profile
Job Ebenezer A/L Manikkam
Job Ebenezer A/L ManikkamJob Ebenezer A/L Manikkam
HRD Corp – Certified Trainer
Motivational Speaker
NLP Master Practitioner

Mr. Job Ebenezer has been actively involved in training
people with a variety of soft skills. He brings with him more
than 10 years’ worth of experience when it comes to
coaching people and training them to achieve success in
their life. His areas of expertise are leadership,
communications, team building, emotional intelligence and
personal development. He is very passionate about these
topics. He is also a sought-after motivational speaker,
whereby he has travelled to several countries in delivering
motivational speeches.

In his years of experience, he has had the opportunity to
work directly with people who are business owners,
entrepreneurs, HR personnel and so on. Whereby he was
able to impart his knowledge and experience into the
productivity of the organization and company. He believes
that every organization needs training programs that is
specially catered for their needs and the challenges that
they are facing in today’s world.

He is also experienced working with all age groups from
the young to the adult because of his unique background
working with NGO’s. His able to connect with the
participants through his content and his unique style of
communication whereby he incorporates NLP principles
into the training programs. He helps his participants to
have a life changing training session.

He holds Bachelors of Applied Theology from Carey
Baptist College in Auckland, New Zealand and He also
holds a Master Practitioner of NLP Certification by
American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Job is
also a certified HRDCORP trainer. Job is passionate about
training people and helping them master skills that is
required in today’s world. Job has helped a lot of people
who previously had challenges with negative thinking,
depression, negative mind-set, life challenges and so on
where today those individuals are thriving in their careers
and life.

Job has created powerful training programs which
undoubtedly helps organizations to increase their
productivity and thrive in today’s challenging circumstances
especially after the Covid outbreak. He believes that
effective training brings effective result and as such any
organization who participates in his trainings will be greatly
benefitted in terms of their productivity, lesser conflict and
harmonious working place.