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Nicole Kok Guat Hoon's Profile
Nicole Kok Guat Hoon
Nicole Kok Guat HoonAs graduated from Psychology, Nicole understands how important is Emotional affecting people’s life especially working performance. Throughout 10 years of experience in Physical and emotional health training, she is aware of what are the needs of people in order to improve their Emotional Intelligence level in terms of self-awareness and social awareness. Hence, she always upskills herself as certified Hypnotherapist and DISC trainer. To be a certified trainer in Corporate, she was HRDC certified trainer and she finished her Diploma in Training and Education (UK)

She has always involved herself in various business of F&B industry, Health & Wellness industry and trading company and has such seen her to manage the teams with her expertise that all level of managing, operation and sales team members should develop self-awareness skills and relationship building skills which is social-awareness. In conclusion, Nicole is one of the best trainer in Emotional Intelligence.

List of clients:
  1. Buma Logistic Sdn.Bhd
  2. Enagic Sdn.Bhd
  3. Chua Accountant Sdn.Bhd
  4. Precision Engineering Sdn.Bhd
  5. La Vie Holistique Sdn.Bhd